Repeat prescriptions

The dispensing team are responsible for all repeat prescription requests dispensed at the surgery, if you have any queries, please see below for the correct contact information.

Please note: The dispensary collection point located at the main entrance is for patients who have their prescriptions dispensed at the surgery.

  • For patients that have their medication dispensed by the local pharmacy or any other outside pharmacies will need to contact the non-dispensing query line on 01673 840253 leaving a short message to include your name and contact number. Please do not call at the dispensary collection point.

The surgery operates a 28-day prescribing policy; if you require any further information, please contact the surgery on the one of the above relevant telephone numbers. 

Dispensing Patients

We require two full working days for all repeat prescriptions to be issued. Dispensing and collecting your authorised repeat prescription will take a further two days, this includes any private prescription requests. Please remember to take weekends and bank holidays into account.

Requests received at the surgery after 17:30 will increase the processing period by 24 hours.

Non-Dispensing Patients

We require two full working days for all repeat prescriptions to be issued. The local pharmacy require 7 Full working days before your authorised repeat prescription will be ready for collection; Please remember to take Sundays and bank holidays into account.

Other outside pharmacies will have their own guidelines and you will need to check their process when requesting your repeat prescriptions.

Requests received at the surgery after 17:30 will increase the processing period by 24 hours.

Requesting your repeat prescription

Your prescription will have a computerised tear-off section listing medicines the GP/Clinician has authorised as a repeat. (Please see below for medication prescribed from this surgery but not authorised as a repeat).

To obtain a repeat prescription (this includes any medication that you have previously been prescribed but that may not have been added as a repeat)

Firstly, please ensure you are not due for a medication review with the doctor or nurse before making your request (notice of reviews required will be printed on the repeat side of your prescription sheet; this will be highlighted to you at the point of prescription collection). You may also be notified by SMS messaging if you have authorised the surgery to contact you this way.  Patients on repeat medication will be asked to see a doctor, nurse practitioner or clinical pharmacist at least once a year to review these regular medications. Please ensure that, when requested, you book an appropriate appointment to avoid unnecessary delays to further prescriptions.

In person

Tick the items required on your computerised prescription counterfoil and place in the blue letterbox located inside the surgery entrance or place it in the external letterbox if the surgery is closed.


Please ask at reception to register for access to the System Online service if you would like to order your prescription via the internet. (One form of ID is required for this service) or alternatively register on the NHS app.

By Post

You can send us your repeat request by mail, If you require your prescription to be posted to you, you will need to enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your request. Please allow extra time for the post to arrive at the surgery.

By email

Please send your repeat prescription requirements to LECCG.MarketRasenSurgery@nhs.net

If your repeat slip (counterfoil) has been misplaced or is not available, please write your name, date of birth and your request on a sheet of paper and post as above. (Repeat prescription request forms are also available from reception and the dispensary collection area). Some handwritten requests may take longer to process, especially if the written information is not clear or does not match the computer entry. Please also be aware that some medicines will not be available on repeat prescription (especially items that can be purchased from a pharmacy or supermarket) and you will have to discuss this with a clinician.

In the interest of safety, we are unable to receive repeat medication requests over the telephone or through askmygp.