Doctors are asked to complete private forms and write letters of support for many reasons other than to care for you during an illness. Most of this work is not covered by the NHS and is considered to be private work. Some forms require a doctor’s signature or specific medical information:

  • private medical certificates
  • holiday cancellation forms
  • private letters
  • insurance forms

If you have a form and need your GP to fill it in for you then all you have to do is hand it in to the receptionist or post it to the surgery and it will be passed to the most appropriate doctor. We ask people to allow at least two working weeks for the GP to complete the form and there may be a charge for this. Please go to the section about the practice and click on private fees to get the full list of charges.

Insurance and legal reports

Most insurance reports can be completed from your medical records. Occasionally your insurance company will request us to carry out a detailed medical examination. They will let you know if this is the case. Always make sure you have given us written consent to complete a report about your health. We treat your medical information with strict confidentiality and only pass it to others with your permission.